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We provide support - coaching - training to




to help create a healthy and resilient life-mind-body-spirit

Why right thinking and behaviour is the critical need of children and youth

The children and youth are being taught to be driven by material wealth and power. They are brain washed and manipulated at young age because there is no focus on coaching them to develop right life skills. Entire focus is on imparting technical/ specialized skills but not on imparting right behaviour and life skills.

Development of right thinking, behaviour and life skills is possible only when children and youth learn - how to know & process their emotions,  thoughts, and fears.

Our training, coaching, counselling achieves this objective through adopting multi-pronged teaching methodology. It involves imparting education on:

meaning of life, success, failure, education

losses that we suffer when we submit to wrong thinking, fear

observing thoughts before deciding which thoughts we should give power to. We achieve this through sharing our self-researched scientific short meditation method

developing efficient breathing

Everyone needs warmth. Like warmth is the food of plant; so is true for humans.

Complaining about troubling behaviour and thinking is a preferable option for everyone vis-a-vis taking needful and necessary action to resolve such complaint. Complaining is an easy route as it allows us to avoid taking responsibility and blame others. Moreover, habit to complain prevails because we have concluded that there is no solution to resolve it. 

The solution is here. 


We help

Children - Growing Youth
07 to 18 years age

Develop sound memory

Learn to use creativity

Digital Detox

Free from addictions

Be self-inspired 

Achieve focus

Develop team attitude

Be in good company

Have positive attitude

Develop sharing behaviour

Clock and Plant

We help

Youth - Adults
18+ years age

Develop determination

Make challenges a positive force

Trust yourself

Discover your purpose

Compete with self

Balance your life

Stay safe from negativity

Understand principle of karma

Understand success, failure, depression, repression, suppresion

Know purpose of mind, ego, anger, lust, greed, attachment

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