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A peaceful life is a reality

People tell me – Rajneesh you talk about peace but because of your unending struggles in life - you yourself are peaceless in your life. Isn’t it a contradiction? Is it not hypocrisy on your part?

I reply – peace has been wrongly understood and interpreted. When one is living in peaceless circumstances – how can one be peaceful?

Peace is not the ability to remain peaceful in peaceless circumstances. It is the ability to be comfortable with feeling peaceless instead of making effort to avoid feeling peaceless.

When we already feel peaceless – we put an additional burden on ourselves – of trying to avoid feeling peaceless. We struggle in this effort and we feel guilty when we fail.

Thus, we 3 times amplify our feeling peaceless.

Avoiding feeling peaceless is not acceptance. It is running away. It is escapism. Acceptance is acknowledging and fully respecting our feeling peaceless.

When we accept our feeling peaceless and no longer avoid feeling peaceless – we can limit its contagious spread.

It’s like (for example) – there are unwanted things in our home, and we are unable to get rid of them. So, what do we do? We put them in one place instead of having them littered all over in our homes.

We still feel bothered and peaceless due to the presence of these unwanted things but in a limited way. When we look at other parts of our home, we feel happy.

Whereas – if I keep thinking that I will only be peaceful when I get rid of unwanted things in my home – I will spread feeling peaceless in my entire home.

Peace is not having the power to choose between what we want and don't want and getting rid of what we do not want. Fully accepting feeling peaceless in any situation is the only way to survive, grow and transcend that situation.

Peace is the most essential and basic need for survival because it is the only energy that allows us to experience the full potential of material resources. We can only experience peace when we learn how to navigate through feeling peaceless.

It is an art to learn to adapt to live with the things we do not want, without losing sight of working towards what is wanted and ensuring the interests of others aren’t deliberately hurt.

Only by understanding “peace” can we discover our purpose in life and lead a fulfilling life.

For those of us who seek spiritually, only peace can enable us to embark on the path of self-realization.

I can share my above thoughts – due to my decade long self-research into the human psyche. To share the truth of mind, our wrong understanding of different concepts – I founded MECULS (Mind Enablement Centre for unlocking limitless leadership & self-potential).

I transcended the barriers and biases surrounding this concept understanding and discovered a practical way to easily live with feeling peaceless in our daily lives and use it as a master key to solve various complex situations that people face in life without letting feeling peaceless rule us.

I work with people (one-to-one), organizations, institutions, and academia. I help people fully understand peace and all the variables behind peace. A true understanding of any concept is the only foundation for self-confidence and self-motivation required to practice it.

For example, only when we know how to cook and drive; do we have the confidence and self-motivation to cook and drive. Our understanding becomes a compelling natural force to test our understanding. In other words, once we learn to cook and drive, we find that we can't help but try to cook and drive.

The same is true of peace. Once we understand peace, we can never fail to test our understanding of peace.

Fatigue, if we experience it while trying to live in peace, is due to a lack of understanding of the concept of peace and confusion prevalent about peace due to the various theories and conditions that surround it.

I through my venture MECULS (a spiritual empowerment center to unleash limitless leadership and self-potential) help remove conditioning and confusion in people and support them to understand and experience peace clearly and immediately.

For any queries related to conducting a workshop for your organization – please write to me at

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