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Ego in self & others - accept not eliminate

Ego is - each person’s views about right & wrong, good & bad and each person’s nature to do right, wrong, good & bad.

What we carry inside us, is what we see outside us, in others. Hence, if we see darkness in others, it's because we carry darkness in our own selves. If we see others as wrong, it's because we ourselves are wrong.

Oneness consciousness is - each one’s views and nature are an extension of our own nature & habit.

The solution appears - when we simply accept everything. I.e., we choose to accept everything instead of any one thing.

The more we try to reject anything (be it our own ego or ego in others), the more solution runs away from us.

Hence, the solution does not appear in front of us. And we continue to suffer.

Our lesson on planet earth is to learn to accept everything.

Acceptance does not mean – we allow others to torture us. It means we protect others without spending our energies on why others’ do what they do.

We reject others' egos because our intention behind the solution that we want is that we must prove ourselves right and others as wrong.

We reject our own ego because we believe that our own actions will remain good when we will kill our ego.

We do not realize that killing our own ego pushes us into passive depression and it gives birth to frustration inside us.

We are not prepared to accept a solution in which ego in self & others both are respected.

If you are looking to understand how to convert ego into a positive and constructive energy force and wish to organize workshops on the same - you may write to -

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31 déc. 2021

So informative and helpful.

Thank you for sharing.

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