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What do we stay alive for? Why do we never get it?

John Keating said - “Human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.

We crave unconditional love from others, but we experience love as a transaction. Others love us only and till the time they get something from us that they want. Similarly, that’s what we do.

Love is unconditional when there is only love in our mind, heart, and being. When our entire being is free from everything else – it’s unconditional love.

If conditions stay in our being, love cannot. If love stays in our being, conditions cannot. When love becomes our only purpose – our love is unconditional. When we have a purpose behind our love – our love becomes conditional.

To reach a point of unconditional love requires an in-depth unbiased understanding of mind, heart, consciousness, conscious mind, unconscious mind, life, death, time, space, the purpose of life, beliefs creation (karma), love, power, ego, and many other concepts.

This understanding can never come from what others are telling. This understanding can only come – when the feeling comes from our deepest core that I have understood. When this feeling comes – everything becomes still. Everything becomes part of eternal music, eternal dance, and eternal joy. This joy is not smile, elation, and peace. This joy is an infinite constant. One can only feel this infinite constant. One can never understand it intellectually.

In this feeling of infinite constant – every other feeling gets dissolved.

Is it achievable? It’s a journey and this journey can only be undertaken in two ways. Either understand different leaves of infinite constant or just surrender everything to the infinite constant.

Both paths require honesty with self.

We generally tend to procrastinate walking either of these two paths – because we believe that material success is the right way. When we fail – we go into depression. When we succeed – we feel lost in that success for few seconds and we then again pursue success. If material success is the right path – why do we never get contented with success? Why do we always want more and more?

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