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Why the industry is trapped in Profitability & Ego Satisfaction


Employee well-being and creativity is the harbor for organizational positive productivity, innovation, and growth.

Knowledge and ego satisfaction have always been the opium of organizations.

Organizations are intoxicated and focusing on creating a competitive edge through money power.

The industry is ignoring the truth that the basis of knowledge, creative talent, and positive use of ego are emotional & intuitive intelligence.

Productive mental health is also driven by emotional & intuitive intelligence.

Emotional & intuitive intelligence flourishes cooperative competitiveness instead of mad race for exclusivity-based competitiveness.

World over demand and supply metric drives employment opportunities and negotiations. The metric is seen through the lens of exclusivity-based competitiveness.

Organizations hire for aptitude and fire for attitude.

The industry has failed to understand that aptitude can be built at any given point. Whereas attitude is nurtured in an environment promoting healthy emotional and intuitive intelligence.

Emotional & intuitive intelligence allows organizations to hire for attitude and fire for aptitude.

Industry must re-build its selection, evaluation, appraisal, and business operations process to nurture this intelligence.

Training systems must be re-defined and redesigned for organizations to build this intelligence.

People's attitudes have to change. Leaders are not visionary when they only focus on defeating others in metrics of profitability & exclusivity.

A visionary is a person – who creates an inclusive culture of growth and not the exclusive culture of growth.

If you would like to consider constructing a lifestyle that promotes emotional & intuitive intelligence and coaching your people in this area – please email at:

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