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Designed Backyard

Children | Students

Cause of challenges they face

Parents behavior

comparing with other children
preferential treatment to one child
criticizing | abusing children
living undisciplined & unhealthy life
watching too much TV, mobile in front of children
importance to matter over children

Parents not educating them on

not throwing garbage on streets
keeping things in order at home
not showing off to others/ bullying others
not feeling inferior to others
appreciating themselves

Teacher's behavior

Comparing with intelligent students
Biased attitude
Treating students as a doormat
Not paying attention to identify natural talent in students
Transferring their stress to students

Chidren | Students attitude

They are not given training to every day devote some time on:
breathing exercise
being with nature
doing creative things

Trauma suffered

the abuse suffered one time / constantly
victim of bullying
being forced by parents/family/teacher's to have a passive/tolerant attitude leading to a compromised intellectual/ emotional health

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