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Life Cost We Pay | When No Mynd CARE

It’s impossible to change / deal with situation(s)

There is no-one to give support

What will my self effort achieve when I know there is no use

Believing there is no solution


If others are blaming me; they must be right

I am weak; I can’t change their opinion about me

Others are responsible for all my failures

Blaming self/ others


Other person is confident – so he/ she must be right

If I would have been competent; I wouldn’t have been a failure

I have to take refuge in those who claim they can help me


Brainwashed/ controlled by others


Finding relaxation, peace, safety, security in

addictions, digital slavery, violence, suicidal, depression, adamancy, anger

Living with

restlessness & anxiety, sleeplessness, not pursuing positive creative activities, compulsive behaviour


Submitting to dark


I cannot create my future with what I have

If I had not been unlucky / made mistakes I also could have fulfilled my desires and created my life future

Living in future


I am not worthy to be the director of my life

I have to live with others understanding of guilt

I have to live by rules made by others

Seeing past & present full of mistakes/ sins


Living in guilt, fear, past

Thought Triggers | Why Mynd CARE ?

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Ego mind operates life; not otherwise

The first half of life goes into protecting ego & losing relationships; the second half of life goes into repenting doing so

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Mind’s sole purpose is to make you see purpose in each step of life

Feeling purposeless in life & life going waste – comes from living a life of an unexamined mind

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Fear is the mind’s greatest asset

What you fear– holds the opportunity to discover your hidden potential

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Using the mind to experience the greatness of life

The mind does not enlighten life by imagining positive but does so by making its own darkness conscious

Power-centric love turns into poison
Power centric.png

Our hunger for love is to chase our unsatiable desire for power (control)

Jealousy is the root of fear 

Our fear of something means we lack self-trust, which in turn is borne out of seeing others as superior to us. This creates jealousy in us  

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