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Developed from 14 years of research on human mind & consciousness

Get the know-how ! You need it !

Personality Profiling

Understanding the unsaid Persona

Cultural Transformation

Conflict Resolution

Tatami Room

Personality Profiling

identify patterns

We identify patterns in person’s CV / LinkedIn writings; go through their other social media platforms, if required; speaking with candidates, if suggested

connect patterns

We identify flow of multiple patterns and connect the flow

make patterns talk

We make patterns talk and give written expression to those patterns

create personality profiles

We share with you deep insights on a person(s) personality







Cultural Transformation


Supportive Friend

We help organizations develop cultural models

to unlock human potential 

to develop inclusive human culture 

to create positive impact of cultural transformation on productivity, efficiency, innovation, creativity, profitability

Creating Models - To Analyze Human Behavior Impact on Productivity

Psychology and HR talks about multiple dimensions of human behavior

It still remains a complexity to simplify various dimensions of human behavior - hence, understanding the impact of human behavior on productivity still remains a distant dream for organizations.

We have resolved this complex challenge.

It is said - Genius is the one who can explain complex things in the most simplistic way to anyone.

We simplify the understanding of the root causes of various dimensions of human behavior.

We support organizations in developing for them models to analyze the impact of human behavior on productivity and fill the gaps.

Develop Strategy - To Build Culture of Innovation & Creativity 

A lot is talked about innovation & creativity but organizations struggle to understand what this means, and what its source is

Organizations when work with us - experience immense saving of their efforts in creating a culture of creativity and manifesting innovation.

We support organizations in building a culture of creativity and the manifestation of innovation on a sustainable basis.

We develop execution frameworks that allow creativity to flourish in all kinds of odds.

Developing Frameworks - to Unlock Human Potential

To enhance organization's productivity; develop innovation potential

We help organizations develop frameworks that blend into organizational culture and allows unlocking of human potential

Helping organizations transition from a culture of

ETG (exclusive thinking growth) model


ITG (inclusive thinking growth) model

Cultural transformation/ change is one of the most complex challenges that organizations face

A mere talk of cultural change creates ripples in people's minds. it triggers survival fear, hence resistance to change. 

We help organizations deal with this complex challenge - through our expertise in studying existing cultures, identifying their pain points, and creating a blueprint that allows seamless resolution of these pain points

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