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100's of training/ coaching/counselling programs already out there in the world

still confused! searching!

Are you made feel guilty - while being coached/ counselled/ trained ?

Do experts tell you they know all but ignore/ refuse to answer your questions ?

Your quest & confusion ends here


How to give positive direction to harmful emotions


minimize their influence?

In your life journey


supports you on this


Our 360 degrees clarity of self, mind (conscious & unconscious mind), life, behaviour, the intelligence of emotions, intellect, society, culture - from a spiritual, psychological, logical, and scientific perspective

Enable us to fully understand your specific wellness areas

We share; we do not preach

We enable you to make your own independent choices

We neither influence, nor make you feel guilty

We make you aware of your infinite potential

We spend our time!

searching for solutions 

> 25%

seeking help from people; listening to people's negative advice to us; feeling helpless; resigning to fate

looking at why problems come and why solutions remain evasive?

> 50%

criticizing self/ others; feeling jealous; comparing; feeling unworthy; thinking & not taking steps towards our dreams; feeling fearful; doubting self


> 25%

time spent in

social media; watching TV;  doing things addicted to

Segments - We Serve



Bullying | Criticism | Addictions | Failures | Overcoming inferiority & superiority complex | Suicidal tendency | Depression | Identifying natural talent | Unlocking creative potential | Achieving focus | Developing sound speaking, reading & writing skills | Overcoming fear/ weakness in any subject



Working effortlessly with difficult/ weak students | Not giving favorable attention to some students | Achieving approach of understanding, compassion, and discipline with students | Effectively manage multi-tasking | Facing biased behavior and jealousy from colleagues



Managing home & office politics | Facing failures & rejections | Not letting desires overpower self-faith | Balancing personal & professional life | Pursue passion in limited time | Know and live life purpose | Listen to inner knowing to take right & independent decisions | Not letting relationships rule our decisions

Students / adults

Diseases / illnesses

Face illness effectively | Access in-built limitless potential to cure | Think clearly and take bold steps to do everything required to cure

Students / adults

Unwanted habits

Leave unwanted habits | Face inner and outer fears | Identify & understand the root cause of unwanted habits/ addictions | Leave procrastination

Students / adults

Adopting good habits

Living disciplined life | Adopting healthy eating habits | Following exercise & yoga routine | spending time with self in silence away from TV, mobile, or talking to someone

Our blog
Attentive Therapist

Our approach to impart

Mind's Limitless Potential
Training - Coaching - Counseling

Rajneesh Jain has done a decade-long self-research on the human mind from a psychological, spiritual, logical, and scientific perspective.

He shares this understanding in group and one-to-one sessions.


He encourages all participants to ask him all kinds of questions that they possibly can till the time they are satisfied.

As a self-research Mental Wellness Enabler, he aims to create a life balance that prioritizes your well-being and celebrates all aspects of your true self. It’s time to start nurturing your body and soul again.

Therapist and Patient

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Get in touch to schedule a consultation/ session/ workshop, or leave us a message about anything else and we will get back to you.

Based at - New Delhi, India

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