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Why Select Us?

We have self-researched unbiased expertise

to train, coach, mentor and counsel children, students, youth, adults

to work with corporate managers, executive leadership on providing - leadership development, executive coaching, human intelligence

to create technology products

People when unsure of themselves; copy others

When Sylvan Goldman invented shopping trolleys, people didn’t want to use them because they seemed silly. So, Goldman paid actors to use trolleys in his stores, and everyone quickly followed.

Technology has become sensory organs

We now see through phones, computers - reducing eyes merely to being optic nerves. Digital Age is seizing, controlling and influencing our minds, and emotions; flourishing comparative, superiority and inferiority emotions; and collapsing emotions of harmony, inclusiveness and understanding

Mind takes less painful path

Mind takes short cut for the quick short-term gain and avoid more pain involved in letting go of short term success

Leadership has always been art of abusing power

World is operating on Western concept of Leadership where leaders talk about integrity, ethics, values, and inclusiveness and behind the scene become more powerful through abusing power 

Data, AI Intelligence is used to control people psyche

Technology, AI, data intelligence is driven less by serving for humanity's development, social, economic and cultural cohesive growth. And, is driven more by how to manipulate human mind to promote divisive, and violent narrative

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