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Growing Youth | Youth

Cause of challenges they face

Family culture/ pressure/ disharmony

giving more than required facilities without making children realize the effort that goes into earning money to buy them
encouraging wrong habits in children
using children to show off in a society
culture in the family to criticize others/ feel jealous of others/ thinking about harming others due to jealousy
imposing desires on children
family fights
being ignored by family

Social pressure

doings things because of friends/ relatives pressure
deep need to have friends/ relatives approval
ignoring self-respect to please friends/ relatives
trying to take things/ emotional support from friends which were not received from one's own family

Technology & mobile phone dependence

rejecting eternal forms of learning like reading, observing, and experimenting
wholly focussed on mobile phones, social media to see what others are doing
spending most of the time watching entertainment
spending most of the time thinking about how to quickly earn money, become super-rich instead of thinking about how to enhance one's intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and sportsman spirit intelligence

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